Body Composition Analysis Appointments

Welcome to Beyond Scans.
We have 3 options available for you to choose.

Our basic package including scan and overview of results.
Our mid range package including scan and detailed overview of results which includes training and nutrition recommendations.
Our top of the range package including scan, a detailed overview and either a 30min personal training session or personalised program to suit home or gym workout.
Please select the relevant appointment type to make a booking. Pricing quoted is per individual. Group bookings please contact us on 0425 253 099 or 0419 596 610.

“If you’re not asssessing, you’re guessing”.

Body Composition Scan and Overview

Body Composition and overview of results

(10 minutes)
AUD 40.00

Body Composition Scan with Detailed Overview

Body Composition Scan and a detailed overview of your results including recommendations with training and diet.

(20 minutes)
AUD 50.00

Body Composition Scan, Detailed Overview & Programming

Body Composition Scan including a detailed overview with recommendations on training and nutrition and either 1 x 30min Personal Training Session or 2 x written personalised programs to suit home or gym workout.

(30 minutes)
AUD 80.00 IconPowered by